Do you see?


Maybe as busy adults, with heads often full of our own agenda, we miss seeing when our children are mindful.

Today I was delighted when my 8yr old daughter showed me what had totally absorbed her attention for a whole hour (!). Whilst I’d been preparing for a job she had quietly been setting these crayons out one by one. ‘I’ve been very resilient Mummy!’ (they kept falling over…a lot!) – well done school for getting that message across 😉

I fed off her joy and exclaimed happily that she had also been very mindful as she had totally focused her attention on her self given task for so long. It interested me to note my response to how she had chosen to spend her precious time; I recognised that the ‘old’ me would have got a bit cross and agitated at the thought that the floor might get messy (my agenda), which would have completely deflated my daughter’s enthusiasm I’m sure! That didn’t even occur to me in the moment. Instead it was lovely to be able to share in her triumph, to help her understand mindfulness in a meaningful way and to give validation to her activity.

Btw, the work I was preparing for was focusing on mindful listening in relationships funnily enough! I can really recommend the following videos (especially the 2nd one – ‘The Sacred Art of Listening’ by Tara Brach) if you wish to understand the art and improve the quality of attention you give to your child/ren. I think one of the things humans most desire is simply to be seen and heard…

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