mindful photography

nature mash

Photographing what we notice around us can be a very accessible and enjoyable mindful practice which can take us out of our heads, and right into now… all you need is awareness and your camera phone or tablet!

Having trained in art and photography in my pre-children era, I’ve always had my eye in as they say, but training in mindfulness and becoming more aware of myself and the world around me has helped me become more conscious of why I find photography such a fulfilling practice. I believe that, at it’s core, simply noticing the beauty in a thing, person, place or creature, is in itself a giving of gratitude. The more we focus on what we’re grateful for, the more of it we notice, the happier and more content we become – this is my experience at least.

I’ve had great feedback from sharing my mindful moment photography on Instagram and Facebook; people have commented that the images make then feel good, see the world from a different perspective and help them remember that the world can be beautiful. The children at my local school took to this like ducks to water, making some really beautiful images; and I love that they also discovered a different use for their devices other than chatting and gaming!

So I have created a workshop for families that introduces camera phone and tablet camera photography as a mindful practice – if you’re interested, keep an out for dates on the ‘Where and When’ page, e-mail me, sarah@brilliant-beings.co.uk, so I can pop you on my contacts list and/or like the facebook page linked at the bottom of this page for event posts.

To see some of the images I make you can visit; Instagram

Also you might like to visit the ‘brilliantbeings’ page at Redbubble  where you can buy home products, clothing, stationary, device covers and more with my images printed on 🙂

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