Respect for the journey

pepper blog

The joy she gives us, especially my cat whisperer daughter.

They had a bond the first time they met; both sensitive and a bit broken from life’s experiences. The cat hid and the girl just sat, attention focused on the cat, and quietly waited… then extended a gentle hand so slowly and earned trust…

Now they help each other day to day in seeming harmony and with respect for each other; no pushing or pulling, no judgment, no criticism.

They teach me that in modern life we so often push our wounded and sensitive parts and people to ‘get better’ too quickly, or change to ‘fit in’, with little regard or allowance for time’s natural pace or the purpose which that journey may have, unseen from our restricted perspective.

Healing and growth is always happening but may sometimes be a glacially slow process imperceptible to those of us living at a hundred miles an hour!

I humbly endeavour to surrender to that natural pace for the sake of myself and others I live and work with. Expanding my watchful and sensing awareness in each moment and each encounter, rather than giving over to the part of me that thinks it, or another, knows best, is helping me achieve this. It also requires a slowing down and relaxing into things which is not an easy action to take in our fast and driven world, but so very worth it if we can make that effort to break out of the mould.

So thank you to the cat, to the girl and to the others who have taught me, sometimes painfully, this lesson.

With love and respect,



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