Listening; A Message For Strange Times (COVID-19)

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Yesterday I was feeling very overwhelmed by, and swept up in, the amount of help that was being offered in various forms on social media, community websites and the emails flying into my inbox… so I am, today, very aware, for my own health, of not engaging to such a degree with these, as heart felt and positively intentioned as the majority of them are.

I noticed myself feeling a pressure to follow other practitioners in offering live on-line sessions and making videos, either to keep their business afloat or for free as help (both of which I think are fantastic ideas/solutions/responses to what is happening).

‘Being swept up’ in it all saw me becoming ungrounded, feeling jittery, flighty, a bit dizzy and light headed at times, with thoughts of ‘I should do that too, if I don’t… ’ – hello fear!


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… but on a deeper level, when I stopped to listen, I felt really upset and unsettled about the idea of working remotely, of not being in the same physical space as my wonderful clients. There is something very potent and beneficial, about being in the same physical and energetic space for what I offer. I don’t feel I would be able to give the same quality of attention to clients working in any other way at present and that to do so would potentially do us both a disservice.

So, at this point, I am choosing not to offer those things. This also allows me to focus inwardly and on my family and their needs which feels so very important right now…

That said, I AM here with a non judgemental, listening ear and open heart if you would like to simply vent and/or ask for advice. If your children are worried, panicking, fearful and consequently behaving in a way that is disturbing to see or triggering for you, I welcome emails from where we can  message or arrange a call. This is the support I feel I can offer without detrimental affect to myself and my family.

Wishing you and your families wellness and positive learning and growth through this time, I believe much good will come of its challenges x


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