a sample mindfulness session

For a group;


We come together in a circle and practice tuning in to our breath and the peaceful sound of the mindfulness bell. We might share our observations of how our mind and body are feeling; for younger ones, share our internal weather report – ‘I’m feeling sunny/stormy today’….



We play sensory games to help us focus in the now – watching our internal responses to what we are mindfully eating, smelling, hearing, touching and looking at (wonder can be found in the simplest of things when we really look), games in pairs where we need to focus on our partner and concentrate, memory games where listening is practiced….


workshop05062016 1


We move mindfully, connecting body and breath – sequences of yoga postures, listening  to our body parts and sensing how they want to move to different types of music, mindful walking in a spiral labyrinth…





We relax and let go 🙂 breathing consciously we sit or lie comfortably, releasing tension and enjoying an imaginative and calming guided visualisation….






For longer sessions we create something after relaxation; our imaginations flow with creativity after we let go of our day and our worries – we might make affirmation cards to encourage positive thinking,draw or write about the internal experience we had during relaxation, colour in mind calming mandalas, make a sensory spiral….



We finish the way we started, coming together, sharing breath and a smile 🙂

1 to 1 sessions;

Whilst 1 to 1 sessions will generally follow a similar pattern as a group session, here I have the luxury of being able to choose every activity specifically for your child’s individual needs.


2 thoughts on “a sample mindfulness session”

  1. Hi
    Wondered how much you charged for a group class? What’s min age and your availability? I have a home studio (where I teach adult classes) and I’d love to organise something for my daughter and friends and keep it going if everyone were keen.
    She’s only 3 though. Let me know your thoughts & hopefully chat soon!

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