feedback so far…



  • School sessions;

From yr6 at Pangbourne Primary:

“I enjoy the sessions they make me feel secure.”

“I have learnt that I need to relax more. You have helped me think about what’s inside me.”
“It really helped me relax and let go of a sad memory that I had stuck inside me.”
“I found it really relaxing and it helped, it also helped me think more about me.”
“Helps me forget about all my worries.”
“These lessons have helped me calm down when I am angry. And find easy ways to be happy again.”

“I have learned to live. Thank you so much.”

What do the year 2’s at Upper Basildon Primary have to say?

“I felt really relaxed”

…about breathing exercises:

“I thought it was really good. I could do it at home to relax when my brother is annoying me.”

“Some of the things we could do at home to help us relax, maybe just before we go to bed.”

…about relaxation visualisation:

“I really liked it when I was the raindrop going down the stream. We learnt about the water cycle at the same time.”

“It would feel like you were really in the places she was describing.”

  • Private sessions;

From Mum Lucinda:

‘My daughter (and I) loved it and she has been practising relaxation ever since – and sleeping like a log! It has really helped her to understand where she carries her worries and what she can do to keep herself calm. I would highly recommend your sessions!’

From Mum Jasmine:

Eldest daughter Clementine had been having trouble getting to sleep and feeling grumpy in the day as a result;

“The girls had a really positive experience. Clementine did tell me this morning that she went straight to sleep when the light went out, she seemed very proud of herself. On Monday she also said she is a fantastic person, which I think was also a reflection of what she’d experienced in the session.”

From Mum Maria:

“Thanks to you for coming and making Eva feel very loved, she absolutely loved the session, she was doing the volcano last night, and also started to colour in one of your drawings that you gave her.

We will be putting the techniques in place, and also told my husband about it, so between Eva and I, we will show him what we have learned from you 🙂

Thanks again for everything, I wish you could do that in Eva’s school, the children will benefit so much from it!!”

From Mum Vanessa:

“Plenty of BB magic from my boy (7) over the last few weeks… He now “OM”s on the beach or at the playground, breathes into his ‘ball of calm’ when getting ready for bed (or suggests his 5 year old sister “try it!” when she is stressy ;)) Sarah Salmon, you are an angel of calm and brilliance in his eyes. His face lit up last night when he was struggling to tame his busy mind ready to sleep and I told him I have ordered one of Sarah’s lavender eye masks, “oh Mum thanks, that will really help me get to sleep.” Seriously, it’s all good. Brilliant Beings – my boy says YOU are brilliant!”

From Mum Heather:

Miles (4) has been having trouble calming his brilliant mind and getting to sleep at night. I put together a yoga sequence to help him slow down and wrote a personal relaxation about his Grandfather’s dog for him:

‘Miles has been asking all afternoon for his ‘Sasha story’ and when we read it tonight, he said ‘mummy, my head feels all funny now you’ve read that story’. When we chatted about it, he said he meant it made his head feel heavy and sleepy. He then promptly went to sleep so thank you!’

From Stephanie, Mum to Hattie:

‘Our 8 year old was really struggling following a series of difficult events including the deaths of 2 people she was incredibly close to and a change of school. She had terrible, debilitating headaches and was being investigated by Drs for what they thought may be a brain tumour! I spoke to Sarah who gave our daughter a hug and she seemed to just sense what was going on. They then spent about an hour together, during which time, Sarah helped her to relax and gave her tools to help her cope.
The change in Hattie was instant to see and has continued to this day. She no longer suffers from headaches and is such a happy child again If she has worries then she sends them off in a big bubble or balloon – she also finds it easier to express her thoughts to us.
The difference that hour has made to Hattie is incredible – You have a special gift Sarah.’

  • Working with adults;

About an adult mindfulness and relaxation session:

From Meg – ‘I LOVED your class on Wednesday; it was just what I needed after a full day. You have a great energising approach, but calm and gentle with it, creating a safe and relaxing space. The exercises are releasing and beneficial. I enjoyed the walking meditation. The guided meditation was very soothing too.’

After a 2hr staff Inset session at Basildon Primary School:

‘I can not thank you enough for today. It was exactly what the staff needed to give us all a positive, calm start to the term. I found the session so useful… and it made me realise how I really need to spend more time being in my green zone (‘being’ rather than ‘doing’) when I’m in school!’ – Melissa Cliffe, Headteacher.

‘Thank you! A great way to relax – not how I normally feel at the beginning of a term :)’.

‘The space and time allowed me to reflect on my thoughts and feelings.’

‘Very calm and welcoming atmosphere. My initial awkwardness soon dissolved. Thank you for a lovely afternoon.’

‘Lovely! Really relaxing, and I like the range of ‘activities’.’

  • After a short session at a local Brownie sleepover!

‘Many thanks for a great session tonight, I have never know such an easy time in getting the girls quiet and into the bed! You are more than welcome at our next sleepover!’ Pooh, Guider

  • Workshops:

Jay (6) – ‘brilliant’

Jay’s Mum – ‘it has been really lovely to take time out with my son in a peaceful location and to start to talk about emotions and understanding them (as I think it’s really important). He really enjoyed it too which I was pleased about as I wasn’t sure what he’d make of it. He said he’d love to go again to another workshop.’

‘Great family togetherness’

‘Quality mother/daughter time. Realised that my daughter has a pretty good idea about emotions!’

‘Quiet time, do something different (no electronics 🙂 ), introduction of mindfulness to my boys’

‘Great practical activities to do at home. Love spending time in a calm, relaxed and safe environment. Enjoyed it all, good balance of activities for children and grown ups. This is our 3rd (workshop) and we love them!’

‘More awareness of some of my parenting attitudes. Peaceful relaxation.’

‘Time with my son, ability to talk about feeling.’

‘To focus on relaxation and wellbeing for the whole family.’

‘Spending time with my 2 sons in a relaxing, peaceful, safe environment. Good ideas to do at home with other children/husband!’

‘ A better idea of activities I could do with my child to help reconnect and calm us both down.’

‘Quality family activities. Ways to explain to children about feelings and how we can deal with them.’

‘A moment of peace! Remembering how to calm myself. Ideas to share with the family.’

‘Some peace – a chance to stop!’

‘Focus on having space away from everyday life to talk/connect with my child.’

‘Lots of tools for us to use at home. Lovely to spend some thoughtful and undistracted time with my son.’

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