Sarah Salmon

Becoming a parent was one of the most challenging times of my life. I completely lost myself, became swamped with fear, paranoia and worst case scenario thinking, which manifested physically as stomach issues, painful muscle tension and a lot of tears. My long held practices of yoga and meditation went out of the window, and I was not the parent I wished to be!

My saving graces in those years, that I believe kept me from the doctors door, were frequent walks in nature with the babes in the buggy and retaining the use of my camera which helped me observe the joys and miracles of that time which sat in my experience alongside the tough stuff.

Then 4 years into parenting I suddenly remembered to breathe again and felt my body’s need to heal. With a surge of enthusiasm and relief I scratched out time to practice short, daily meditations again and was able to join a yoga class. I was introduced to Reiki and my wellness increased year by year as my personal practice increased. Life, and parenting, was becoming a joy again thank goodness!
One day a friend told me she’d been on an amazing course to teach yoga and relaxation techniques to children. This coincided with our school asking for volunteers to run a lunch club. Without hesitation I asked if they’d be interested in having a relaxation club for the children and when I was told ‘This is exactly what we’re looking for! If you can present yourself as a business I can pay you to do this.’, I jumped on it. The stars aligned, the timing was right, I did the training and Brilliant Beings was born in 2013.
Since then I’ve seen how all of these techniques have helped my own daughters, and worked with many schools and families to increase their children’s wellbeing with much success (check out my ‘feedback so far…’ page). I love this work passionately and look forward to hearing from you if what you read here strikes a chord!
(Image credit cp-photography.co.uk)