Alongside the mindful practices of yoga and meditation, Reiki has been vital to my well-being for many years now. After receiving treatments myself and being amazed at the results and the positive impact they have on my personal development and holistic health, I trained to offer treatments to others in 2010.

I offer treatments to adults and children. Children can be very sensitive to subtle energy which can affect them and their behaviour in detrimental ways if the system isn’t recognised and looked after as we would look after our physical being. My daughter often asks for Reiki to help her get to sleep saying ‘it feels warm, soft and calm’ and I know other children who often ask their Reiki attuned mothers for a gentle blast too πŸ™‚


What is Reiki?

Reiki is aΒ form of natural healing that utilises the life force energy present in all things. In the far East this energy has been recognised for centuries; in Sanskrit it is ‘Prana’, in Chinese medicine and martial arts it is ‘Chi’ and in Japan (the birth place of Reiki) it is ‘Ki’.

As Albert Einstein is quoted as saying ‘Everything is energy’; everything has an energetic frequency, including thought and emotion. It is my understanding, through personal experience as well as through the teaching I have received from others, that when these energies get stuck in our human systems and environments dis-ease (emotional, mental and ultimately physical) is the result, much like a blocked water flow will become stagnant and toxic. Therefore an uninterrupted flow of Ki throughout our body and it’s energy system is vital for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance, harmony and well-being.

How does a treatment work?

The recipient remains fully clothed and relaxes on a treatment couch or chair whilst the practitioner places their hands on or close to the body. Reiki energy then flows freely through the practitioner into the energetic field and body of the recipient. There is no massage or manipulation. Treatments for adults can last between 30-45mins approximately and as little as 10-20mins for children. When treating children I play guided relaxations to help them focus on their breathing and visualisations.

Whilst the experience is unique to each person and each treatment, some people feel warmth or coolness, see vivid colours behind their closed eyes, experience sensations such as tingling or waves of energy moving through them, some feel emotional as the old releases and leaves the system.

If you are interested in a treatment for yourself or child please e-mail